CSD Horses for Sale

Duque do Tejo 

Breed: Lusitano 

Age: 13

Sex: Gelding 

Height: 16.2 HH

Duque is for Sale!

Duque is a 13 year old Lusitano who can successfully show in Intermediare 2. He has successfully shown in the California Show circuit. With good, quality training, Duque and Carlos have shown in FEI International in the PSG circuit. Easily in Prix St. George, this horse can achieve a 68%.


Recently, February 2020, Duque debuted in Intermediare 2, with a 65%. 


This horse is looking for a solid partner who is ambitious in having a fun and stellar show career. He is forward and super responsive to the rider’s leg. Super implusion, and sits beautifully for the passage and piaffe. 

Contact (310) 357-1434 for inquiries and video.

Guapeton TT  (SOLD) 

Breed: Registered Andalusian 

Level Sold At: Intemediare

Guapeton under our training program was an established FEI horse, competing in Prix St. George and Intermediare I. 

He was sold to the lovely, Sarah Khneysser. A junior rider looking for a safe and willing mount to strengthen her dressage basics/foundation.

Sarah and Guape have been competing actively 2018-2019 (training level and first). With determination, Sarah has been competing at national and top shows in the Southern California region. She has been receiving scores 67-68%.

“Guapo is my first horse and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! He’s taught me so much about patience and devotion and has shaped the rider I’ve become. I couldn’t imagine my life without him” - Sarah Khneysser  

Guapeton's New Owner

Ken's Kitten  (SOLD)


Breed: OTTB

Level Sold At: Prix St. George 

Ken's Kitten has had a successful career as a thoroughbred in the dressage world. Kitten was given to Carlos' brother in the East Coast under the Retired Racetrack program. They had instant success and buzz; to enhance his career he moved to the West Coast to train under Carlos. 


At the time, one of Carlos' former amateur client was looking her next mount. What initially turned out to be a couple of rides became a sealed partnership. Under Carlos' training, Karen and Kitten went on to conquer the California Dressage Circuit- 


2016 Champion California Dressage Society RAAC 4th Level 


2016 Reserved Champion  California Dressage Society Region 7 Amateur 4th Level

Ken's Kitten New Owner