Dressage Association Southern California 2016 Championships

This month marks my first year having Quidam de Charry at Carlos Santos Dressage.

A good way to end the year was showing at the Dressage Association Southern California (DASC) Championships. We originally signed for the open training level championship class, and found out that we also qualified for the first level championship class.

For first level, we had to do first level test three which Quidam had never done before because he just started doing first level test 1 a couple weeks ago. I went ahead and put him for the class because I believed it was a good learning experience.

Our hard work payed off- Quidam not only placed first in his championship open training level class, but also won the open first level championship with a tough set of competition.

Beyond proud of this horse, and everyone that supported me. Thank you to the owner of Quidam de Charry for believing in us as a team, my family. As well, thank you Equipe Selleria for my "Victoria" saddle, and bridle that enhanced our performance in the arena. Lastly a shout out to CastleRock Winery for their sponsorship and helping me in the style department with my show coat!

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