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Inferno M: 4th Nationally Ranked Dressage 4 Year Old USEF/Markel

This has been quite a journey to get here at the USEF/Markel Young and Developing Championships here at Lamplight Equestrian center.

We have only had the horse for about 6 months, and it is a different mindset of riding a young horse test than a regular test with a pattern. A significant experience to have! When showing at a nationally level- the traveling, driving to the facility, and getting the horse situated is a lot for a horse, especially young to experience.

Inferno M was a champ, and did his best.

1st Day: Inferno M completed his 1st portion of the test, weighting 40%, and received a score of 7.88.

2nd Day: With more energy, he got a little distracted and was calling out a lot, but with good scores and the tough judging, we received a 7.796 overall score.

Overall, we placed 4th in the nation.

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