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Temecula Dressage Summer Classic

What a weekend! With all three horses, we had wonderful results. Beautiful venue, and great competition to show against.

C Horse Ranch:

Inferno M - So proud of Inferno M. We got our last qualifying score for the US Young Horse Nationals. We won the FEI 5 year old finale class with 8.1

Quidam de Charry- A horse with immense talent and still growing his confidence. We placed third in third level test 3 with a fabulous score of 69.8.

Popovich Stables:

Artillero RIS gave his all! We competed in an immense class for the Prix St. George, with over 20 entries, competing with the West coast’s best riders. A proud score from one of FEI’s elite, International judge, Lilo Fore, we received on our first day, 5th place with a 72.5%. The second day, we received a great score as well, 68.9%.

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