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 Boarding & Training             Facilities

We are located in the beautiful Rolling Hills / Palos Verdes (Los Angeles/South Bay area). A vast horse community that cherishes and encourages horse culture. 


This area is known to be a peaceful bubble away from the busy Los Angeles life.  As equestrians, we benefit a lot from being less than 10 minutes away from the ocean, giving us cooler weather for our horses year round. We also have the luxury of having a variety of scenic horse trails to give variety/refresh our horses' training program. 

Here in Rolling Hills/Palos Verdes, we offer personalized accommodation for our clients and their boarding needs that we believe other areas don't offer. Due to PV (Palos Verdes) being such horse country, we help clients find a boarding situation that accommodates the needs for their personal and horse's preferences, budgeting, preferred barn environment, etc. 

Take a look at the boarding options we provide. If desired, if you feel the main boarding facilities don't fit into your criteria, we also have several, private small barns. If this is an interest, this can all be arranged by Raquel Santos (contact info in ABOUT Page). 

Check out the pages for the following facilities..

(If more interested in the private, small barns, please contact us directly as that information is private not to post on the internet.)

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